Six Reasons Why Movable Cubicles are the Way to Go When Moving Homes


You have probably experienced having to ask a friend of yours if you could borrow his van so you can use it to put your things in when it is time for you to move homes.  There’s a good chance that it turned out to be a bad idea since you had to make several trips to finish your move.  In all likelihood, your friend’s van was not big enough to carry all your stuff in one go.  Too bad you did not really have any other choice at that time.  Today, however, you can say goodbye to sweating it out when you need to move houses.  You simply have to turn to movable cubicles.

These days, it is more convenient to haul all your boxes from your old house to your new house using movable cubicles.  We at give you a number of options when it comes to moveable storage cubicles and containers.  When you have made your choice, we will bring it to your house so you can pack and load your stuff in it.  Our containers are spacious enough to fit all your items.

Aside from convenience, here are six other things which make movable cubicles the perfect choice for moving:

1. It is easier to get items into the cubicle

A moving truck poses risks. Since the container is above ground given that it sits on top of wheels, you will need to use a ramp so you can get the items inside. This makes getting heavy items such as furniture very difficult in some occasions. With the help of moving containers, the risk of pushing heavy furniture up a ramp is eliminated almost completely, since the container sits on ground level.  There is no need to use any special tricks to get items inside.  Just carry them there and you are good to go.

Movable Cubicle

2. It is cost effective

A professional moving company can actually cost you more money that just renting a container. If you opt for the moving container, you and your friends can move your items into the container and the moving company will simply pick up the container and move it to your new home. You will only technically be paying for the container rental and the moving services.  Since no professional workforce was involved, the usual fee you have to pay to the movers will not be your problem anymore.

3. Your solutions to storage are very flexible

Companies that rent moving containers offer more than just one container size. Therefore, this will provide you with a lot of freedom in choosing the right container which will be able to fit all of the items you own so that you do not have to go back to pick up items you have left behind.

4. You also have greater security

Moving containers have special locks in them and only you can open them with your own key. In addition, the container is moved into your premises and is directly sent to your chosen destination when you are done packing. With this kind of security feature, you are sure that all of your items are well protected.

Portable Storage Container

5. Moving items is much safer with the use of movable cubicles

The moving trucks that will pick up your container use a special lift system to place the container on the truck without moving any of the items inside.

6. You even have international delivery options

Moving to another country? You do not need to worry about moving items overseas. A majority of professional moving companies can only operate locally. On the other hand, there are a lot of movable container companies that are capable of making moving overseas easier for you.

There is no need to go old school and exert too much effort when you need to move houses.

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It’s time that you move with the times and consider taking advantage of movable cubicles.