5 Key Factors In Choosing The Most Suitable Golf Grips

Most novice golfers only know a little about the type of grip they use, and pay even less attention to the importance of choosing the most suitable golf grips. The ignorance of the law excuses no one, and the same goes with playing golf – ignorance regarding the importance of having suitable and effective golf grip can cause you your game.

There are lots of suppliers and merchants for all your golf needs, but not all can give you the quality merchandise at affordable prices. Golf is a rather lavish sport, and it is also extremely rewarding. Novice golfers who have limited funds to support their hobby should be prudent in choosing the supplier first. Supplier like RockBottomGolf.com offers affordable golf equipment and accessories that can give lots of advantages to amateur and professional golfers.

Now, there are 5 things that you need to consider when choosing your golf grips. Follow them and you are a step closer in bagging your win.

Choose the Right Grip Size

Golf ClubsKnow that using an improperly fitted golf grip can cost you 3 to 4 strokes on each round. Imagine the overall impact on your game. There are four basic sizes for the golf grip: oversize, midsize, standard, and undersize. You can achieve further customization by adding layers of tape when you install your golf grip.

A too small grip can help promote extra hand action. It usually gives way to pulling the ball. A too large grip can limit the pronation of the wrist. Around 75% of golfers use the wrong size of grips.

Texture of the Surface

The golf grip also comes in different textures. There are golfers who want a more abrasive and coarse grip texture and there are also others who want to only feel moderate roughness when holding their clubs. Remember that the primary function of a golf grip is to prevent your hands from slipping and give you full control over your swing.

The Material of the Golf Grip

GolfMost golf grips are made of rubber or synthetic rubber, which are durable and come in various colors and styles. There are golf grip manufacturers that create their own material for their grips.

A golf grip made of cord weave is popular among golfers who need to play in a humid or wet environment. It is also suitable for players who perspire a lot. The cord weave can provide extra traction to prevent the hands from slipping.

There’s also thermo-plastic material, which offers a softer grip as well as tacky feel.

Firmness of the Grip

You need to test the golf grip in order to determine if it offers the right firmness that you seek. Firm grips are usually the favorite among PGA professionals and tour players. The firm grips offer light-pressure grip while giving amazing stability.

There are golfers who prefer grips with softer feel. The golfers who usually choose the soft grip has low hand strength or swing speeds. The soft grips tend to give a tackier feel, yet they don’t provide the torsion control and stability of the firm golf grips.

Different Weather Conditions

Golf clubIt is advisable to prepare different grips for different weather conditions. It is a known fact that the whole world is experiencing freakish weather. You will never know when it’s going to rain suddenly or becomes too humid. As mentioned earlier, the material cord weave is good for players with wet hands. If you are not comfortable with cord weave, then it is best to choose a golf grip with heavy pattern or rough surface texture to give you the traction that you need.

Smooth grips made of polymers or plastic are not recommended to use during wet conditions. They won’t be able to prevent your hands from slipping.

Don’t neglect your golf grips and make sure that they can give you the right traction and comfort that you need. It only takes a few minutes to inspect your grips. You must replace your grips immediately if you feel that they no longer provide the traction that you need. Don’t wait another day before you replace them to avoid trouble later. It is also important to inspect all of your golf equipment and accessories on a regular basis even if you don’t have to compete.