Using Household Iron to Securely Attach Iron on Patches

When it comes to embroidered iron on patches, using household iron can greatly help. All you need to do is gather the essential items and follow the basic steps. The usual patchwork has been easy for hobbyists, enabling them to enjoying a range of designs. Garments including old pairs of jeans are designed to hide holes and other noticeable damage. That way, you can use them again instead of buying a new pair. Read on to discover how patches are ironed on clothes for permanent patching.

Patches may be underrated as marketing items to deliver the message across, but their use has been really practical and effective to individuals across the globe. In fact, embroidered patches are being used by people all over the world now. And with the advanced methods of attaching patches onto clothes, we enjoy better alternatives to make the most of these creative patterns. Learn how to attach patches by checking out the tips and insights provided on this site.

Iron on Patches

Items Needed and the Basic Steps to be Followed

You will need an auto-shut off, household iron as the main equipment along with an aluminum-covered cardboard piece and pressing cloth. The cardboard covered with aluminum or heat-safe backing fabric will facilitate safe ironing. Note that the pressing cloth should be smooth, muslin fabric, or cotton to provide comfortable surface when ironing the patch onto the garment. Below are the detailed steps to help you attach the iron on patches in a firmer way:

  • Set your household iron to dry mode by pressing the button in the setting.
  • Pre-heat the iron to cotton mode if you’re not sure of the fabric you’ll be using.
  • Place the patch in the desired position and cover it using the pressing cloth.
  • Position the backing material underside the garment with the use of iron board. It will keep the heat in the patch and fabric so that the process will be faster and more secure.
  • Press the household iron onto the patch and spread the heat in a vertical motion within 25-40 seconds so that the patch will stick right away. Don’t move the iron back and forth or in a circular motion.
  • If possible, you can turn the fabric upside down or inside out to make sure that the adhesives are strongly attached to the material.
  • Let the patch cool completely.
  • Check the patches’ edges using your fingernail to tell if it’s locked.
  • If not, you may repeat the process and iron the fabric once again with an increased amount of heat. But still make sure that it will not damage the cloth due to overheating.

For some caution, don’t remove the iron on patches once the adhesives are damaged or you fail your initial attempt to attach the patches. Just do the procedures again and be sure to do it right this time. The trick is to let the iron generate enough heat so that the adhesives will easily stick to the fabric. However, always check the heat because if it’s too much, it will burn or scorch the patch along with the cloth. By following these tips, you are sure to benefit from long-term adhesion.

Iron Patch

For many reasons, people are now taking advantage of iron on patches when decorating their jeans, jackets, and other everyday outfits. To help you understand the importance of patches today, the following are some of the benefits you can get:

  • Affordability – iron on patches are more reasonable compared to direct embroidery. In fact, manufacturing costs were reduced in order to help create more patches that people can afford.
  • Versatility – the application of patches is unlimited. No matter where you want to attach them, you can achieve the exact design that you’ve always wanted. You can apply them in your caps, jackets, sweaters, shirts, and other outfits.
  • Collectability – if you want to build your brand or company image, patches can also help you get recognized. They can be a collector’s item with the uniqueness and value they have. You can find antique patches on selected shops including here on our website.
  • Durability – patches can survive washing, drying, and cleaning cycles without suffering damage. As a result, you can enjoy longer lifecycle of your favorite outfits at home.

When it comes to style, you’ll never go wrong in choosing our iron on patches available online. We have plethora of choices including modern patterns, classic designs, and universal styles. It even helps those who want to stay unique with the use of personalized patches made by reliable patch manufacturers like us. If you are interested to know more about our products and services, check out the webpage or contact us today.